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Willie Estrada is currently President of Latin Empire Productions LLC, founded in 2005 as an entertainment company that represented well-known recording artists and also promoted and hosted parties in and out of New York City.  Latin Empire is now a Production Company, and we are currently producing our first film based on his book, "The Dancing Gangsters of the South Bronx," which had been held back as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  However, he did release the 2nd edition of his book during the summer of 2020, helping book sales worldwide. 

Production has finally begun on a film partially based on the Dancing Gangsters of the South Bronx, after having to wait for the past two years since the Covid-19 Epidemic started.  There is no time frame for completion yet, but many well-known and talented people are already on board in various capacities and roles.  A formal press release is forthcoming in October.


Quote from Willie:  “Treat others, the same way you would like to be treated, believe in yourself at all times, choose your battles wisely, and never go down without a fight!”

Willie Estrada is also an inductee of the Hustle Hall of Fame as an original 1st Generation Pioneer.

Induction into the Hustle Hall of Fame: 

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The Break Down - Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun - The Roots of Influence - Episode I

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