Willie Estrada is currently President of Latin Empire Productions LLC, founded in 2005 as an entertainment company that represented well known recording artists and also promoted and hosted parties in and out of New York City.  Latin Empire is now a Production Company, and they are currently producing their first film based on his book, "The Dancing Gangsters of the South Bronx," which had been held back as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  However, he did release the 2nd edition of his book during the summer of 2020, helping book sales worldwide. 

Production has finally begun on a film partially based on the Dancing Gangsters of the South Bronx, after having to wait for the past two years since the Covid-19 Epidemic started.  There is no time frame on completion yet, but many well-known and talented people are already on board in various capacities and roles.  A formal press release is forthcoming soon.



Quote from Willie:  “Treat others, the same way you would like to be treated, believe in yourself at all times, choose your battles wisely, and never go down without a fight!”


Willie Estrada is an inductee of the Hustle Hall of Fame as an original 1st Generation Pioneer.

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