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In June of 2015, Willie signed a 13 episode contract as a consultant for the new Baz Lurhmann Series, "The Get Down" currently being filmed by Sony Pictures, due to start August 15th 2016 on NetFlix. As luck would have it, Willie was also given a role in the series after Baz Lurhmann put him in the first episode alongside Jimmy Smits, and noticed that he could act, as did Mr. Smits. After that first scene Baz wrote Willie into the show as Jimmy Smits character (Papa Fuerte's) right hand man, where he plays the part of Uncle Willie and appears in 8 of the 11 episodes, with his sights on season two!


He is now living a lifelong dream of acting in a big production, alongside actors such as Jimmy Smits, Giancarlo Esposito, and Jaden Smith to name a few Still as active as he was as a kid on the mean streets of the Bronx, Willie has made many sharp turns and ultimately steered in the right direction. During his younger years, Willie flirted with the dangers of street gangs but turned that negative life style into a rewarding career in dance and acting, helping to change the mindset of younger people around the world. He hopes his message of hard work and never giving up on your dreams will resonate with young people throughout the world!


For a look at the "Get Down" trailer, click here

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The Get Down
Get Down Credits
Willie "Marine Boy" Estrada
Willie Estrada & Luis Rivera
Baz and Willie
Jaden Smitth & Willie Estrada
Savage Warlords with Willie Estrada
Willie's mom visits the set
Jimmy Smits & Willie Estrada
Willie Estrada & Jimmy Smits
Executive Producer Tom Kelly and Willie Estrada
Mrs. Estrada with Tom Kelly
Willie Estrada & Giancarlo Esposito
Jimmy Smits & Willie Estrada
Willie Estrada and King
Willie Estrada and Debbie Benitez Doing
- Willie & Millie Larin Symbolics
Willie & Millie St
MB Dancing with the Queen of the Hustle.
Baz Luhrmann & Willie Estrada
Cathreine Martin Store and Willie

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